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Furshot Gang
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Even though the gang doesn't play by the law, they do have their own set of rules.

1. The most obvious rule of all. Be intelligent with your RP.
No mixing OOC and IC, no chatspeak, don't godmod, respect the rules of whatever dream you're in, ect.
Also, the gang is a para RP group. If you can't para RP, don't bother anyone in the gang. This means at least 6 lines, and some effort put into the post.

2. In order to join the gang, your character must be from the correct time period.
Characters from the Furshot gang are from a modern time period. They wear modern clothing, indulge in modern products, and use things such as guns from this current time period. Characters from times like medieval periods will not be permitted, unless they have a really good explanation for how they got mixed up with a more modern group.

3. No magic.
No vampires, no summoning, no elementals... you get the point.
The Furres in the Furshot gang are set in a time frame and frame of mind where everything is just like normal human life except... everyone's a Furre. You can have wings and fly, but that's about the extent of the craziness. Anyone that uses magic will not be permitted in the gang, although this doesn't stop you from RPing with it's members. That is, if they agree to RP.

4. Your character must be mature.
This means that I don't care what your IC or OOC age is. But if your character can't stand violence, drugs, drinking, smoking, ect., then they shouldn't be attempting to join up with the gang.

5. No humans or non-sentient beings on their own account.
Basically, no humans allowed. Period. Also, ferals can only join if they are a pet of a member. Meaning, basically, animals cannot join on their own accord. They have to belong to someone in the gang. For example, a pet dog of a gang member is counted as part of the gang. But a feral wolf can't just up and try to join. It doesn't work that way.