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Furshot Gang
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Each member and a small description about them.

Baby D


Name: Unknown, goes by the alias Baby D. It is assumed the D stands for her first name.
Age: Unknown. Mid-twenties, assumed.
Gender: Female.
Species: Aye-aye.
Family: None. Unmated, no kids, dead relatives.
Position: Furshot gang leader.
Job: Crack dealer.
Wanted Level: High, for drug dealing and occasional robbery.
Description: The gangster Aye-aye wore a short pink tee, with a huge blue bow at the neck. Striped armwarmers covered her arms. Baggy jeans clung to her thighs, full of tears and patches. Their position revealed that she had red men's boxers with white polka dots on. She simply had blue cloth tied around her feet, the toes extremely long, just like on her hands. A fuzzy tail and leathery ears were two strange features of the young adult, the ears peirced with three golden hoop earrings each. Her eyes were extremely creepy, so a pink hat was pulled all the way down to the bridge of her muzzle. Dirty blonde hair stuck out in tufts from under the hat.



Name: Lasgo.
Age: 24.
Gender: Male.
Species: Wolf.
Family: Lombardi, close relative from father's side.
Position: Weapons provider and muscle of the operation.
Job: Muscle for hire.
Wanted Level: High, involved in a crime family.
Description: Truetown gangster, member of 'the family'. This musclebound wolf clad in a Donivello tuxedo with a white unbuttoned undershirt left open, exposing that tight chest and golden 'don' symbol hanging loosely around his neck, supported by a thick platinum chain. This mafia boi would do little more than cast a second glance at his oppressors before whipping out one of the dual handguns resting at his sides, aiming it straight at your head. A shrug befelled shoulders as a grin spread across his mug. "Toodles!" Bang!

Name: Goes by Trik-Z.
Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Species: Cheetah.
Family: Has a mother, is no longer in touch with her.
Position: Funds master.
Job: Dancer, thief.
Wanted Level: High, bounty for her capture goes up with everything she steals.
Description: Lithe cheetah femme, sporting a vulgar nature as well as the look. Vibrant golden pelts were flawed by ebon speckles, mauve, lightly coiled tresses framing a smooth face. Around her muzzle was a tightly tied bandana, never revealing her mouth. A scarlet belly top vest covered her chest, hooding the top of her head loosely. Suspender straps were clipped to voluminous knee-cut pants, sported extremely low upon her hips, a sharply studded belt added for mere decor.

Outside Links

This assortment of Furres, male and female, of varying species and criminal backgrounds, {players and NPCs}, are not officially part of the gang, but are still linked to it. Either ex-members that still help the gang out, or Furres who provide the gang with things they need, these are allies to the gang and are treated with some respect. However, they are not as accepted and free to work within the gang as real members are. In fact, some work under the fear of being killed if they don't provide their services. But this is a rare case.